I realized today that I have nothing left.

I have no one. My best friends, my mentors, my brothers. No one left to keep me grounded. What’s been keeping me going is the idea that there would still be people there to support me but I realize the truth. Everyone has given up hope on me. Everyone in my life that was once there for me is no longer. And people that still claim they are? They’ll give up on me too. Everyone does, even the people that promised they never would. She did, Nisu did, Josh did, bros. I have literally nothing keeping me here anymore. The worst part is that it’s my own fault. I wasn’t good enough for them to stick around.

I’m going to dedicate my time tomorrow to buy a rope. Because cutting won’t do anything. I’ve cut my arm too much with no results, even started cutting at my chest right above my heart. I don’t see the point of continuing on when I go through so much pain and awful thoughts in my head when no one even wants me here.

"Can I lay by your side? next to you..and make sure you’re alright.
I’ll take care of you, and I don’t want to be here if I can’t be with you tonight"

Sam smith- lay me down (via loving-distance)
I just wish you'd reply. I care about you and I really hope you're doing okay.

I’m not. Thank you though.

So do you just ignore everyone or what

Who am I ignoring?

Still on my mind.